The 7 best hot glue guns in 2019

A perfect hot melt glue gun has to help people a lot at work. It will help you fix common household items and fix small items like handmade stickers, cushions, and small buttons and so on, besides it helps with home decoration activities and toys for children…

Hot glue guns are easy to control, simple to use and most importantly they are very delicate and compact. furthermore, It has a heating element in the gun. The heating element ignites the melt and you can carefully apply it on manual or necessary repairs.

You will find many types of glue guns available on the market and even online. Each glue gun has different uses and serves a different purpose. For example, a decorative handicraft needs a low heat glue gun to repair cushions, furniture or plastic and to fix shoes, these need heavy hot glue guns.

The following hot glue guns use the latest innovative components to meet your needs and help to ensure you do your best work.

So here is my list of The 7 Best Hot Glue Guns.  

  1. VTech NyLeo 20W silicone hot glue gun.

This is the same model as the glue gun above but different colors and imported by other units.

  • Silicone hot glue gun has a capacity of 20W suitable for making hot glue. It is made of solid, safe and helps you to get most of the material.
  •  It costs $4.
  1. TEXET HH-138 hot glue gun
  • Texet HH-138 hot glue gun is one of the familiar brands. Therefore, its price is also higher than in the above model. With the capacity of 10W so you need about 5-7 minutes to heat candle glue
  • Body made of hard plastic used to make the feeling less ho. Used to paste many different materials such as wood, ceramic, hard plastic, leather shoes, paper …
  •  It is warranted for up to 12 months, it costs $ 6.
  1. Pro’skit GK380B glue gun
  • Compared to the Texet glue gun, the Pro’skit glue gun is even more famous, with the glue gun models considered by many to be professional and effective. Pro’skit GK380B glue gun has some notable features:
  • Power up to 80W helps you speed up work and Pro’skit GK380B glue gun with good plastic material, heat resistance, and effective insulation.
  • Moreover, Glue does not backflow and it uses simple, effective, and professional. It costs $11.
  1. Stanley 69-GR20B glue gun
  • This is a glue gun from the famous American brand Stanley Black & Decker. Buying products from a big brand gives you more confidence in quality, even though it is also made in China. It made of good, durable material and used to paste in many different locations and on different types of materials.
  • Stanley 69-GR20B glue gun with a handle that fits, is firm, and effective.
  •  It costs $11.
  1. Asaki AK-9026 silicon firing gun
  •  If you need a professional, high-quality silicone glue gun, you can choose this model. Although the Asaki brand is not too famous, their glue gun models are appreciated by many users for its accuracy and efficiency when working.
  • With good plastic material, sure, bearing and good heat resistance Fast working speed, accurate glue firing and it’s easy to control and manipulate the control buttons right at the handle and used in production or at home, they bring good work efficiency.
  •  It costs $20.
  1. Smato CH-300 silicone glue gun 
  • This is the only type of silicone vapor glue gun that we mentioned in this article. It is sometimes referred to as Korean, but you only need to care about the machine made in China. The obvious advantage of this model is that it requires no electricity. The other is that it is also evaluated in ponds in the form of air gun.
  •  Reference price: $14.
  1. Bosch GKP200CE glue gun
  • This is a glue gun model with prices up to nearly 2 million. Therefore, it would be more suitable for professional people.
  •  It is important that you know the advantages of this product if you want to own it.

In conclusion

I have introduced you to some of the best products available today, some types of glue guns at small to high prices. It has different uses and purposes, but all of those glue guns are very compact. I hope the information above will help you know the information needed to choose the best glue gun for you.

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